Tarot Clarity – Vesta in Aries – Ten of Wands

April 3rd 2019: Asteroid Vesta enters Aries, the priestess of the sacred flame enters the sign of cardinal fire.


The Ten, like the Ace, symolizes something outside the realm of lived experience. The Ace represents the essence of the suit in the form of its seed potential, and the Ten represents the fulfillment of the potential, with the understanding that fulfillment of one suit fertilizes the seed of the next. The fulfillment of Wands fertilizes the seed of Swords; a creative passion that has reached its ultimate expression fertilizes a new journey in the intellectual realm.

Zero Aries is the first degree, first sign of the zodiac, which can be a spotlight on all the ways we feel like a neophyte. The Ten of Wands representing Vesta in Aries reminds us that we would not be at this new starting point at all, if not for the levels of mastery we already achieved. The intellectual goals that seem intimidating now, are evidence that we are successfully giving birth to a more authentic version of ourselves.

As flame must be controlled and sculpted to flourish, spread warmth, and serve, so must the soul. Without the ritual and skills of the flame-keepers, fire brings pain and loss. Vesta in Aries as the Ten of Wands is the one who has been enlightened to the mysteries of embodiment, ready to learn the rituals of the sacred flame and dedicate their service to the temple.

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