Tarot Clarity – Juno in Cancer – Six of Swords

April 20th 2019: The Queen of Heaven comes home to the nest of Cancer. Juno rules over the principle of boundaries in relationships, which is supported in the sign of home, secure borders, relatives/relations, and cohesive bonding.

The Six of Swords is the essence of resonant perfection that intellectualizes a couple of sentences into a poem. An idea’s impact, power, and meaning depends on how it is framed in any given context. The card literally looks like a moat, protecting- and isolating- the flower bursting forth in the center island.


Juno in Cancer as the Six of Swords represents good ideas, excellent communication, and improving relationships. Even when we are not on the same wavelength with other people we can often find a resonance with them. Juno identifies areas of excess and weakness in our boundary maintenance procedures, which helps us clarify our own frequency so we can tune into those subtle rhythms and be better relatives.


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