Tarot Clarity – Sun in Taurus – Queen of Pentacles

The Sun enters Taurus, fixed earth sign of acquiring and accumulating, establishing and stabilizing, a walled garden filled with row after row of sprouts. For most of the northern hemisphere this is the season of the return of warmth.

Pentacles represent the physical realm- bodies, clothes, houses, cars, computers, money, food- the factors that shape our inner self-image and external identity.

The Queen of Pentacles has maximum awareness of the sensory experience, immersed in the present moment. Her intense focus on The Way Things Are makes her resistant to compromise. She is what Alejandro Jodorowsky calls “the dog that defends the sun buried in her heart at the cost of her life.”


The Sun in Taurus as the Queen of Pentacles represents the stubborn bull: absorbed in the individual experience of living in a body, weighed down by the inertia of unwillingness to change.


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