Tarot Clarity – Venus in Aries – Seven of Wands

Venus in Aries. The planet of Yin enters the sign of Yang, the maximum masculine expression for the embodiment of female energy.

The Seven of Wands is the actualization of a dream, the inspired action that turns the divine awareness of the six into the perfect manifestation of the eight.


Venus in Aries as the Seven of Wands is a symbol of insemination, which is dominated even conceptually by the male perspective of ejaculation and triumph. But when the female egg is confronted with a river of sperm, there is no passive yin reception. She actively destroys them as they approach.

Aries energy makes it difficult for the feminine to feel satisfied. Here, she must learn to harness the power of yang and say no a thousand times in order to fully open up for one yin welcoming yes.


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