Tarot Clarity – Persephone in Capricorn – Death

Asteroid Persephone spends almost all of 2019 in Capricorn, the sign of earth’s winter and throne room of Pluto, Hades, her husband. Her retrograde follows Saturn and the south node all summer long.

On the surface, the myth of Persephone is the myth of the seasons. On a deeper intuitive level, it is a map for how to achieve the healing paradox of transcending our trauma by embracing it. Persephone shows us how to face our darkness and how to be the light.


Death is what we call the card with no name, the flesh colored skeleton schything a black field of human bodies. Persephone in Capricorn as Death is a blessing for the end of things, a promise that the destruction is not annihilation, it is part of a cycle.


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