Tarot Clarity – Saturn in Capricorn – Seven of Swords

Saturn in Capricorn, from 12-19-2017 to 12-16-2020.

Saturn has a corrective effect, especially where people have faced obstacles on the path to learning the knowledge and discipline required for self-governance. In a poison culture that thrives on illusions of hyperindividualism, many grow up without ever reaching maturity, sold on childish fantasies about identity and life purpose. Saturn moves forces beyond our control that often crush our sense of who we are by showing us exactly what we can not achieve on our own.

Saturn can be Father Time, devourer of generations. But Saturn can also be the crone wisdom of the Grandmothers, the legacy of our ancestors, and Capricorn is a feminine sign. Saturn enforces our liability to the structures we create and holds us accountable to our place in history. In Capricorn it’s enforcing liability on our participation in the structures at the foundation of society (such as capitalism and catholicism).


The Seven of Swords is the card of zen nothingness, maximum active non-doing. It represents a level of focused calm that requires training and practice to embody. Saturn in Capricorn as the Seven of Swords is a feminine Saturn, a receptive Saturn, encouraging us to have faith that everything is unfolding as it was designed. And in the words of Jennifer D. Crumpton: “Following archaic rules, believing voices of authority that do not represent us, and waiting quietly for something to happen: those things are not faith.” Saturn wants us to thoroughly examine our motivations, spend time in deep contemplation visualizing our goals, plans, and strategies, and be completely responsible for ourselves. These things require active stillness, not action.

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