Tarot Clarity – Mercury in Taurus – Queen of Cups

Mercury leaving Aries and entering Taurus is a shift that encourages more processing between thinking and speaking. In Aries, Mercury uses words reactively and experimentally. In Taurus, Mercury learns to use words with intention and strategy. A high level of committment to intention and strategy during the learning process is at the root of what is commonly perceived as stubbornness.

The Queen of Cups is immersed in the world of emotion, completely in control of her experience. She shares the joys and sorrows of all the world. She stamps her feet in anger. She kneels in prayer. She luxuriates in the rhythms of the Heart.


Mercury in Taurus as the Queen of Cups represents becoming so thoroughly secure in our own feelings that it increases our ability to use logic and reason. It represents being so in tune with the environment that we can consciously craft our communications for maximum effect. The fixity of the evolved Bull is not immovable, instead a force of forward motion like a freight train.


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