Tarot Clarity – Sekhmet in Aries – The Emperor

May 6th 2019: Sekhmet enters Aries, The Blazing Eye of the Sun, Lady of the Bloodbath, Flaming One. Sekhmet is at home in Aries, in her warrior form, relentlessly radiating shockwaves of ferocity from her essence of infinite rage.

Aries is the most Yang sign, and The Emperor is the most Yang major arcana- representing the life force movement of outward expansion, and everything that is required of us to claim and control our interdimensional personal space as we continue to grow in our awareness of, and establishment of, our selves.


Sometimes we expand ourselves into new realms motivated by rebellion, avoidance, or revenge. These spaces feel safe but they are unhealthy because they can not nurture any further growth.

Sometimes we go to great lengths to avoid claiming space that is rightfully ours because we know that interlopers are waiting and ready to sabotage us with discouragement and doubt. It is so common for us to choose to stay small and be at peace, rather than choose to fight daily to build more.

Sekhmet in Aries as the Emperor represents the power of enforcing your own authority over the sacred space needed for expression of the authentic self, where enemies are liquefied and then boiled into vapor.


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