Tarot Clarity – Mars in Cancer – Page of Wands

May 15th 2019: Mars enters Cancer, a tricky placement for the planet of overt action to be confined to a secure refuge. The Martian spirit says “the best defense is a good offense” but in the crab shell of Cancer, Mars energy is divorced from the attack, surrounded by shields and armor. Aggression in Cancer is usually passive, and sometimes passionately violent.

The Page of Wands is the card of hesitation. It represents having identified a dream but not trusting oneself enough to fully pursue it. Or it can represent impostor syndrome- the fear of believing that you might actually be great.


Mars in Cancer as the Page of Wands symbolizes the unique frustration of the planet of Yang in the sign of the Mother, and an acknowledgement of the humility it requires to learn the lesson of this transit. Mars always knows what he wants to do, but in Cancer, he often does not know how to do it, or simply lacks faith in his own abilities. This gives us the opportunity to rest, clarify our purpose, take inventory of resources, study the maps, and invest in our closest relationships- which increases our confidence and makes us more effective workers.


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