Tarot Clarity – Mercury in Gemini – Three of Cups

Mercury enters Gemini, home sign of the androgynous messenger, embodying the spirit of ideas, inspiration, cognition, and communication.


The Three of Cups is the card of the first crush, where our inner latent potential is activated by something or someone “other” causing a sudden explosive bloom of new feelings.

400 craters on Mercury are named after artists- writers, musicians, sculptors, painters- messengers of divine inspiration. The first spacecraft to enter orbit around Mercury was called MESSENGER, and at the end of its mission it crashed onto the planet, marking the surface on April 30th 2015, and on that same day Mercury entered Gemini.

Mercury in Gemini as the Three of Cups is whimsical yet volatile, creative and indecisive, curious and flirtatious, dangerous and fragile. It is a symbol of our desire to respond and participate with the things that touch us and move us. It represents the passionate use of communication and art to make your mark.


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