Tarot Clarity – Sun in Gemini – Ten of Cups

Gemini is the sign of multiplication, quantity, polarity, and multiple dimensions- the sign of everywhere, the sign of all. The Gemini life force is vigorous, capricious, and earnest.


The Ten of Cups is the card of consummation, the experience of emotional fulfillment that characterizes an achievement. The Ten of Cups is not about finishing or ending something, it is about the satisfaction of accomplishment.

Gemini Season is about the world of options; options require discernment. The Ten is a card of non-attachment. The Ten of Cups representing the Gemini Sun is a reference to the great challenge of Gemini, which is to see every possible point of view, to be aware of every nuance, to swim amongst the infinity of thoughts and feelings, and learn to let it all pass by without getting carried away, personally identifying with too many conflicting energies, and burning out.


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