Tarot Clarity – Apophis in Leo – Strength

May 30th 2019: Apophis, the merciless sorcerer, enters Leo, the realm of ego lessons. Apophis in Leo draws out the contrast, no matter how subtle, between the identity that we idealize for ourselves, and the actual role we play in relationships, environment, and culture. The consequence of this difference on our emotional stability is immense.

Strength is the card most aligned with the symbolism of Leo, depicting a woman controlling the ego (Lion) with a gentle, hypnotic touch. When superhuman feats are achieved by brute strength, that’s domination. When superhuman feats are achieved by humility, that’s sacred.


The magic of Leo is that a healthy and humble ego is the key to conscious participation in the co-creation of reality. The hardest Leo pill to swallow is that even when we finally learn how to align ourselves with the assistance of divine intervention to move mountains, we are never guaranteed public recognition or material reward.

Strength for Apophis in Leo represents the desire to force our ideal self-image into the minds of others. Showing off and/or bullying is often a sure-fire way to get praise, admiration, and financial success in our society, and when the ongoing temptation to engage in these behaviors is combined with a self-image of being a kind and loving person, the result is a massive conflict in the personality. Strength for Apophis in Leo can also represent someone who has mastered the Leo Brave Heart, yet is consistently overlooked, ignored, disappointed or even persecuted as the dubious reward for their enlightenment.


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Tarot Clarity


Dia Holly Hemlock


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