Tarot Clarity – Sekhmet in Taurus – Ten of Pentacles

May 31st 2019: Sekhmet, the Great Lady of The House of Life, the Devouring One, enters Taurus, the sign of growth establishing itself above ground. Seeds rupturing, reaching for the Sun.


The Ten of Pentacles indicates that prosperity has been achieved and is pointing the way to a new creative purpose. The Ten of Pentacles is the card of someone who has saved up, bought a big house, and filled it with beautiful furnishings and decorations. Financial prosperity has a limit, beyond the point where our needs are met, more money and more posessions will not bring us more happiness. When the material series is complete, the creative series must begin. The purpose of the symbolic big house, is to fill it with symbolic children.

The Ten of Pentacles for Sekhmet in Taurus represents the gardener pulling the non-thrivers away from the robust ones, so the quality of the garden can achieve maximum success.


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