Tarot Clarity – Mercury in Cancer – Two of Cups

Mercury in Cancer is a unique placement in the sign ruled by the Moon because it is the only heavenly body that has a faster apparent motion than the innermost planet. When Mercury is in Cancer, the emotional layer of the lightbody receives more stimulation than the mental. This brings feelings into a sharper focus, which makes them harder to control when they are more prominent than our thoughts, but can also be clarifying in the way that it influences us to communicate differently.


The Two of Cups is the card that symbolizes being ready for love. The Three of Cups is when a new love appears, but the Two is the moment of individuation where the innocent selfishness of childhood gives way to an awareness of a desire for connection.

The Two of Cups represents how Mercury in Cancer can make us better listeners, more sensitive in our choice of words, honoring our own vulnerability with compassion for others, and seeking cooperation and mutual support.


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