Tarot Clarity – Vesta in Taurus – Two of Pentacles

June 9th 2019: The goddess of the hearth enters Taurus, the sign of gathering resources. The name Vesta literally means Hearth- a reference not to the fire itself, but the container where the fire is built, stoked, and preserved.


The Two of Pentacles can be summarized as, the card of unfinished business. Like a foundation that has been set, for a house that has not yet been built; Like a collection of paints and brushes, that will be used to create a masterpiece; Like a casual acquaintance, that is destined to become a close friend.

Vesta in Taurus as the Two of Pentacles is a message about collecting your firewood. A Hearth is an empty chamber until we fill it with fuel and attend to it with our devotion.


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