Tarot Clarity – Eros in Libra – Two of Wands

Eros in Libra, the God Prince of Love in the sign of beauty and partnership, the palace of his mother Venus. In Libra, Eros embodies the Cupid archetype popularly imagined as a cherub. Cupid’s arrows are his divine birthright. He is the immortal entity responsible for directing the circumstances that bring lovers together.

The Two of Wands is a card that usually indicates insecurity and inhibitions: creative or sexual flow that is stuck behind an energetic block. Eros in Libra inverts this interpretation of the Two of Wands around the concept of desire.


The word “virgin” doesn’t just mean someone who has never had sex. A child who has no concept of sex or attraction does not think of themselves as a virgin. The deeper implication is that a virgin is someone who has become aware of their sexuality but has not acted on it yet. Eros is aroused for the first time when a youth realizes that they are a virgin.

In our culture, there is a misplaced emphasis on the significance of the first sexual act, so recognition of virginity tends to enter our minds as the perception that we are lacking something important. The magic of Cupid is that he can return us to the same blush of innocent hunger with each and every new lover we encounter in our lives, so it is also common to feel the same impression of absence. When we define ourselves by what we don’t have and/or haven’t done, the result is always going to be the Two of Wands: insecurity and inhibitions.

The Two of Wands representing Eros in Libra teaches us that desire in its healthiest and most potent form does not view the self as lacking love, it views the self as a place where love belongs. Desire is a sensory celebration of our capacity for new experiences. Desire is a call for love to come home.


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