Tarot Clarity – Juno in Leo – The Moon

June 20th 2019: Juno is known as the Queen of the Gods, not due to her own identity but through her marriage to the King. Juno is arbiter of boundaries between self and other, a role that carries a particular intensity in Leo, the fixed fire sign of self-actualized healthy ego identity, ruled by the Sun.

The Moon is a card that symbolizes the universal feminine receptive godhead, reflecting the solar logos to illuminate a world where some of reality is revealed to us, while most of it is obscured behind the veil. The cosmic mother is unfathomable, so we ascribe her characteristics to something more obvious: a spherical satellite 25% the size of our own planet, whose gravitational pull has a prominent and obvious effect on the oceans, on female reproductive cycles, and on the vocalizations of wolves.


Juno in Leo as The Moon is a symbol of the asteroid Queen immersed in solar brilliance, and when we gaze upon the reflection, she reveals that the status of our relationship with the cosmic mother determines our emotional orientation to our own ego.


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