Tarot Clarity – Sun in Cancer – Hanged Man

June 21st 2019: The Solstice is the moment the Sun reaches its maximum height- 23 degrees north declination. This means that if you are at 23 degrees north latitude on Earth, the Sun will be directly overhead on Summer Solstice. The Sun can never be directly overhead anywhere north of the Tropic of Cancer.

The Sun stays at 23 degrees north declination through the entire first decan of Cancer; 22 degrees for the 2nd decan. The Solstice is the longest day of the year, and the sign of Cancer is the long slow release where the Sun shines its warmest for the vast majority of Earth’s plant kingdoms in full bloom.

The Hanged Man is usually interpreted as an intermission, or being put on hold. At its essence it represents fullness- a state where there is nothing left to achieve, nothing left to do. Whether he tied himself up, or was tied against his will, what’s done is done. The next card is Death.


The Hanged Man for Sun in Cancer represents family bonds, the comfort of knowing you’ll always have each other, the tension of being perpetually connected. It takes effort to sustain a full deep breath, but the exhalation requires no effort at all.

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