Tarot Clarity – Mercury in Leo – King of Wands

June 26th 2019: Mercury’s shift from Cancer to Leo is a transit of vivid passion and intensity, where forceful desires to be seen and heard erupt to a new level of I AM expression.

The King of Wands represents mastery over primal desires and urges. He is untouchable by criticisms of his words and deeds because his actions are in complete alignment with the flow of his creative passions, cultivating his inseminations into a strong and healthy progeny. His royal essence speaks for itself.


The King of Wands is the highest expression of Mercury in Leo: When we have the wisdom of self-awareness, our very existence radiates our innate value and unique life force. Rather than feel the need to assert ourselves by arguing with anything and everything that creates conflict with our identity, it becomes completely unneccessary to explain oneself to others. “Don’t believe me, just watch.”


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