Tarot Clarity – Mars in Leo – Knight of Pentacles

July 1st 2019: Mars enters Leo with swagger and thrust. Whenever the action planet shifts from a water sign to a fire sign, there is a palpable snap of attitude, ferocity, and forward momentum. In Aries, Mars wants to experiment. In Sagittarius, Mars wants to explore. In Leo, Mars wants to express. The shift from Cancer to Leo brings the direction of our actions away from relating and compromise, and towards our own unique passions and plans.


The Knight of Pentacles represents building on the totality of our experiences in the material realm to dream about the new worlds we can create. This card encompasses the energy of a person who achieved the pinnacle of success in a traditional career, then quit to open their own small business focused on their favorite hobby.

The Knight of Pentacles for Mars in Leo is a symbol of imagination, effort, and performance. It reminds us that we are so much more than what we can see on the surface. We are not defined by the physical appearance and status symbols that we’ve chosen, nor are we defined by our successes and failures. The essence of Mars in Leo is the heartspace solar fire that fuels our choices about how we work with our resources, make plans, and express ourselves.


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