Tarot Clarity – Venus in Cancer – Two of Swords

July 3rd 2019: The Goddess of Love settles down in mother’s moon cave, activating an alliance of divine feminine energies: wisdom, intuition, poise. In Gemini, Venus gets to climb every tree. In Cancer, Venus can see the whole forest.

The Two of Swords is the card of the everyday subconscious. It refers to any activity in the mental realm in the absence of conscious thoughts. The hidden processes that provide the foundation for our ideas and beliefs are represented by the flower and leaves exploding in the center of the card, riches bubbling up from under the surface of the mind.


Venus in Cancer as the Two of Swords represents the daydreams that reveal our true desires and the psychic visions that reveal our true power. It embodies the Yin ideal of finding wholeness in emptiness, allowing things to be as they are, observing, and nurturing, but never imposing our will.


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