Tarot Clarity – Apophis in Virgo – Page of Swords

July 5th 2019: Apophis enters Virgo, the god of chaos in the sign of order. Virgo is where all things are assigned a purpose and a place, giving stability to our mental construct of the world. Apophis throws curveballs into the system, making us question our own sanity.

The Page of Swords is the embodiment of what it means to be in your own way. He has this great sword but doesn’t even seem to know how to hold it properly, let alone how to use it. He’s all dressed up but doesn’t know which way to go. It’s the intellectual decadence of entertaining all thoughts and ideas with no guiding principles, no ethics. He doesn’t stand for something; he will fall for anything.


Apophis in Virgo as the Page of Swords is a symbol of the confusion felt when the structures we rely on to make sense of our world get jumbled by unpredictable events, and gives direction for how to react: it starts with being humble enough to acknowledge that we don’t know what we don’t know. Information that lacks the proper context can be more dangerous than ignorance. The Page of Swords has a yellow “third eye” on his hat, showing that he is not focused on taking action, but rather is receptive to a greater awareness.


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