Tarot Clarity – Ceres in Sagittarius – The High Priestess

July 17th 2019: Ceres station direct at Zero Sagittarius. This transit can not be reduced to the simple keywords “nurture through education and travel.” Despite the warmth of the element of fire, and the flexibility of the mutable modality, this is a challenging placement for the mother archetype dwarf planet. Ceres in Sagittarius is the White Witch of Narnia- always winter, never Christmas.


The High Priestess is the card of gestation, and is best symbolized by an egg. Snug, sweaty pulse concealed inside; the outside is a cold, pale shell. Alejandro Jodorowsky says of this card’s possible negative interpretations, “As a woman, she could be the hurtful mother who never lets the egg hatch and sits over it with glacial authority.”

The High Priestess as a symbol of Ceres in Sagittarius represents a militaristic approach to nurturing, based on rules and obedience, rather than affection and tenderness. It represents caregivers who are overprotective, dominating, wing-clippers, withholding what their children need to become sovereign adults. It can also show the tendency of caregivers who are healthy and loving, but experience debilitating anxiety or depression when their children grow, evolve, and become independent.


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