Tarot Clarity – Venus in Leo – The Sun

July 27th 2019: Venus enters Leo. On the surface, this transit is about beauty. On a deeper level we can see that it is not so much about external appearance, rather it is all about standing in the spotlight. Receiving that level of attention is terrifying for many who have low self esteem. Venus in Leo is the blueprint for inner confidence and self-love that radiates from within and empowers us to soak up all the attention, all the love.


The Sun is a card of illumination and awareness, depicting a blazing sun over two child-like creatures. There are two similar child-like creatures on The Devil card, they seem happy and content and yet they are chained together. When The Devil and The Sun are viewed side by side, we can see how The Sun eliminates all shadows and reveals the chains to be an illusion. The creatures are no longer in denial and can now see the work that needs to be done.

The Sun card is also a symbol of male fertility, which is powerless without the presence of an “other” to receive it. A spotlight is only needed when a star is on stage.

The Sun for Venus in Leo tells a story about affinity, synergy, and interdependence. The shallowest possible expression is vanity, selfishness, and delusions of grandeur, because the values are limited to surface level beauty and reputation. The full spectrum experience is about divinity and humanity: learning to acknowledge that our worth is not a product that we can earn, and that all of our greatness comes from a sacred source that flows through us; and also that as humans we depend on each other as mirrors to reflect our greatness back to ourselves to assist us in developing and maintaining a healthy self-image.

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