Tarot Clarity – Venus in Virgo – The Lover

August 21st 2019: Venus enters Virgo, getting right to the heart of feminine perfectionism, the maternal work ethic, emotional investment in a structured routine of countless seemingly insignificant service acts that cumulatively add up to love. Venus in Virgo is the stay at home mom who calls herself a Domestic Engineer, Director of Child Development. She gets so much fulfillment from executing the duties of meeting others’ needs that she can easily intellectualize away her own desires with “shoulds” and “should nots.”


The Lover is a card about ambiguity and confusion. It’s about how different points of view on a single situation can create multiple conflicting narratives. It’s about secrets and rumors, or being caught red handed in a taboo act. When we truly abandon ourselves to the divine Lover, we often find ourselves in situations where we make choices that transcend sociocultural expectations and the moral principles we were raised with- choices that can have a tendency to disappoint, shock, or outright harm the people who depend on having predictable, practical relationships with us.

The Lover for Venus in Virgo shows the friction between being reliable and following your heart. An important lesson for this transit and placement is really understanding that there are always, always multiple points of view, but there is very rarely ever a best one. It is the maturing of feminine energy from feeling pressured to make “correct” decisions, to the realization that there is no right or wrong, just perspectives.


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