Tarot Clarity – Juno in Virgo – Six of Wands

August 23rd 2019: Juno enters Virgo, the queen of heaven as the executive director for Earth’s 3D matrix and the laws governing energy exchange. Nothing slips past her attention, every detail is taken into consideration and accounted for. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

The Six of Wands is the card of the true artist. Before reaching this stage, the spirit seeks outside of itself for inspiration, and yearns to be a part of something beautiful. Possibilities must be considered and education pursued. There must be committment, practice, challenges, and risks. The Six of Wands represents the master who has transcended all of that and creates effortlessly from their inner connection with the divine flow.


Juno in Virgo as the Six of Wands is a big picture symbol that shows all Earth systems functioning in harmony, all matter built by an alphabet of elements, all beings defined by genetic codes, all things unfolding as they should. To be able to align with this divine flow requires us to develop healthy boundaries, which are powerful coping mechanisms for the inherent intractability of 3D life.


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