Tarot Clarity – Sekhmet in Leo – Ace of Cups

August 23rd 2019: Sekhmet, The Sparkling One, The Gleaming One, Dread Lioness enters the sign of the Lion Heart with a proud roar, fearless and conquering. Sekhmet’s energetic correspondence with the Sun gives her an exalted quality in Leo. This placement destroys blocks to self-knowledge, exposing our innate awareness of identity and ultimate potential.


The Ace of Cups represents the realm of feelings. It does not point to any particular emotion, it refers to the infinite potential from which all possible emotional realities emerge. In context here it seems to be a direct reference to the emotional layer of the aura, also known as the lightbody.

Sekhmet in Leo as the Ace of Cups invokes the mantra Sa Sekhem Sahu, which is a reference to harnessing the power of the breath to balance all layers of the lightbody. One of Sekhmet’s greatest gifts is self-realization, alignment with our higher selves.


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