Tarot Clarity – Sun in Virgo – Page of Cups

August 23rd 2019: The Sun leaves Leo, the sign of its essential expression, and enters Virgo, where solar codes are translated and ritualized into the cycle of Earth’s seasons. The lessons of the sacred flame can be found in the progression from Leo to Virgo- fixed fire to mutable earth- the lessons of embodiment.

Everyone alive today between the ages of 8 and 80 has fixed star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion constellation, on their natal chart at 29 Leo, marking the end of an era that lasted for 2,160 years where the human heartspace was imprinted with the archetype of kings and crusades. Regulus shifted from Leo to Virgo in November of 2011, and now the Lion Heart codes are received as archetypes of earth priestesses. Our task in human history is to make the heartspace transition from a Leo expression of domination, hierarchy, and pride, to a Virgo expression of ritual, substance, and belonging.

Virgo is the natural home of Ceres, the goddess often attributed to the bland keyword “agriculture.” But she is the goddess of the mysteries of the grain, and her role is in the effect on human consciousness when crops are planted and a relationship is formed with the earth, investing knowledge and effort into the land for best outcomes, knowing you are beholden to natural forces beyond your control, and always making accommodations for the variance of the seasons: planting, harvest, loss, repeat.


The Page of Cups is a symbol of someone who is not sure how they really feel. Bertrand Russell famously said “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people are so full of doubts.” The Page of Cups embodies these wise doubts. He has taken the lid off his cup and is peering inside, questioning. This is a card for someone taking a new look at how their emotions filter their experience of reality, for the first or for the 100th time. It can be equally relevant for someone who suppresses their emotions and wants to learn how to open up, as for someone whose emotions are messy and volatile and wants to learn how to hold themselves accountable.

Sun in Virgo as the Page of Cups shows the importance of continually taking inventory of your emotions, because there is work that must be done here, to weave a masterpiece of life from a million tiny threads, to take infinite words and create recipes with a simple grammar, to bring divine order to earth. Doing this Virgo work has a funny way of exposing all challenges to your sense of secure emotional maturity, requiring a Page of Cups mentality to self-examination.

A King is someone whose power comes from the respect of many followers. A Priestess is someone whose power comes from self control and commitment to ritual.


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