Tarot Clarity – Mercury in Virgo – Queen of Wands

August 29th 2019: Mercury enters Virgo, the planet of rational thought stimulating the higher brain functions that require cognitive skills and the voluntary effort of concentration, including organization, adaptation, and memory retrieval. Pisces is the subconscious, and Virgo is the frontal lobe.

The Queen of Wands is the everyday priestess/witch, independent and free from restrictions on her self-expression and growth, in full ownership of her garden and her craft. She has mastered her creativity and sexual energy, using the wisdom of discretion to decide when, where, how and why to unleash its wild powers.


Mercury in Virgo as the Queen of Wands is like a sex education instructor for schoolchildren, introducing a clinical approach to a carnal world. Passion can be self-destructive if we can’t see the forest for the trees. Mercury in Virgo is all about the details that clarify the big picture, and the Queen of Wands shows how this placement can translate the earthy intensity of desire into the code of divine order.

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