Tarot Clarity – Mercury in Libra – Eight of Cups

September 14th 2019: Mercury enters Libra, a transit that embodies gregarious, magnanimous, diplomatic communication. In the sign of the scales, Mercury brings our focus to our awareness of how we are received, and places the highest priority on rapport.


The Eight of Cups is the card of emotional mastery, which is the experience of truly feeling oneness with everything. Where the Four of Cups can be seen as a symbol of merging with a partner in a sacred marriage, the Eight of Cups is a symbol of merging with the universe.

Mercury in Libra as the Eight of Cups is a symbol of being ultimately open minded and being able to relate to everyone, having authentic interest in the different experiences that produce different personalities and beliefs. Due to having an idealized vision of what communication could be, it can be a challenge for this placement to learn to stop judging others for not living up to its extremely high standards.  But when living its truth, Mercury in Libra cares deeply about every voice having an equal chance to be heard.


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