Tarot Clarity – Venus in Libra – The Pope

September 14th 2019: Venus enters Libra, the sign that she rules with the elegance of Yin, alluring and receptive. Libra is a Yang sign, and of all the Yang signs Libra is the most aligned with the values of emotionless formal logic, which provides a sharply defined container that can enhance the sensual capacities of Venus.


As humans, we exist at the intersection of overlapping spheres, between the physical and the spiritual, the animal and the enlightened. The Devil card is a symbol of the bridge through the lower instincts to prehistoric collective fears and ancestral DNA memories.  The Pope card is a symbol of the bridge through higher consciousness to the cosmos, to the bliss of enlightenment, which can often be experienced as a visit from an angel, or speaking directly to God.

Venus in Libra as The Pope represents the divine proportions of beauty. The perfect balance of shape and shadow, refined taste and subtle flair, strikes us as rationally, objectively beautiful. The mathematical principles of visual appeal are androgynous, which requires a healthy flowing balance of Yin and Yang, neither dominating nor submissive.


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