Tarot Clarity – Lilith in Aries – The Hermit

January 26th 2020: Lilith crosses the spring equinox point of the world axis. Throughout 2020, the Moon will be closest to Earth as it transits Libra (sign of partnership) and farthest from Earth as it transits conjunct Lilith, the mean lunar apogee, in Aries (sign of self).


The Hermit is the embodiment of the Nine, which is a symbol of crisis. He is shining his lamp on a new path that only he can see with his mind’s eye, and he is motivated by his desire to abandon everything he has previously known, everything he has worked for and built, everything that kept him safe and comfortable. It is the crisis of leaving it all behind, motivated by the desire to seek true wisdom.

Lilith in Aries as The Hermit shows a release from attachment to conflict in relationship that is inseparable from conflict within the self. Lilith in Aries is a paradox that creates synthesis out of splitting. In isolation, deeper layers of the self can be observed, granting access to awareness which can never be taught, only gained from experience.


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