Tarot Clarity – Saturn in Aquarius – King of Cups

Saturn in Aquarius, from 3-21-2020 to 3-7-2023.

The power of Saturn to adjust and amend the narratives that hold our society together will be harsh for those who resisted the corrective effect of Saturn in Capricorn, and it will be a reward of blessings due for those who were able to be still, humble themselves, and unlearn the cultural brainwashing that has for far too long divided western society into a de facto caste system.

The King of Cups has mastered the emotional realm. He sets the example that the ultimate wisdom is expressed as kindness. When we project our unresolved feelings onto others, we believe all sorts of stories about what they do and don’t deserve. But we can see all beings as equal, and equally deserving of love, when our own feelings are under control. The King of Cups does not even seem to be interested in the symbol of his emotions- he transcends it and stays focused a bigger picture.


Saturn in Aquarius will provide a restructuring of the collective, away from stratification and towards egalitarianism. Will this manifest as utopian democratic socialism, or postapocalyptic martial law? The King of Cups channels our highest ideals for equality, but when afflicted he can also represent indifference. As Saturn transits Aquarius we all have the power to align ourselves with a reality where we see our whole human family as equally deserving of safety, happiness, and freedom, and rise up to reject the advances of those who are still clinging to 3D decay, and their view that the whole human family is equally deserving of nothing.



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