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Your one-on-one session with Dia Holly Hemlock. I have a unique ability to hold space for you and provide insights with astrology and Tarot. I create comprehensive written reports with personalized charts and follow up with you as much as you need via email or facebook messenger.

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“As a peer in the esoteric arts, I realize how rare it is to find a balance between the intuitive/psychic side of awareness, and research as it pertains to the accumulation of knowledge from the study of Tarot and astrology symbolism in relation to human activities. Dia is one of those rare souls that functions at an extremely high level on both sides. She is one of the few that I’ve had read for me over the years, and I was extremely moved and impressed by what she helped me see intuitively, as well as her intimate knowledge of the astrological reasons for my experience. Thank you Dia for sharing your amazing gift!!”
-Bill Walker,

“Dia’s was the first reading I’ve had without a live interview and I found it to be targeted and efficient because precious time was not taken up by my “story.” Her astrology incorporates a number of minor planets, asteroids, etc. which personalize and amplify the dynamics in the classical planets. She is psychologically astute and an excellent writer. I keep her solar return reading printed out and accessible for quick reference as I begin to experience the dynamics playing out within and around me. I recommend her to anyone on a path of self-knowledge and personal growth.”-Cheryl Corson,


Legal Disclaimer

I am not a licensed therapist or counselor. You can learn about my education and life experience here. By requesting a session with me, you agree that any action you take based on the content of the session is strictly your own choice, at your own risk, and to the fullest extent permitted by law I do not accept reponsibility or liability for any loss or damages that may occur.  


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Natal Chart Interpretation $111

Solar Return Report $151 for new astrology clients, $77 Exclusive for returning clients of Natal Chart Interpretation

Mercury and Venus Learn more with Planetary Clarity. In this session I use the Voyager Tarot to explore your natal Mercury and natal Venus placements by sign, house, and aspects. $72


with the Camoin-Jodorowsky restored Tarot de Marseille

Past, Present, and Future
One card to represent the situation as it began, one card to represent the situation as it is now, and one card to represent what it will become. This is best spread if you have confusion about something currently happening in your life that you have no control over, and you want insight on where it came from and where it is going. $77

Current Moment, Next Step, and Outcome
In contrast to the Past/Present/Future spread, this one is best for when you DO have the power to act on a certain situation, but you aren’t sure what to do. One card to represent the situation in the present moment, one card to represent a potential next step that could be taken, and one card to represent the outcome that would most likely result from that next step. $77 for a three card spread. $111 for a five card spread that adds two more cards for another next step and outcome to compare a choice between two options.


One card from the Wisdom of Hidden Realms oracle deck- find out which spirit guide is seeking your attention at this moment to connect with you, stir your latent memories, and activate your deep awareness. $7

Three cards from the Wisdom of Avalon oracle deck- featuring cards for faeries, animal guides, gendered archetypes, and journey themes. Great for a check-in with symbolic messengers for reassurance, validation, and support. $17



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