Tarot Clarity – Hekate in Libra – Six of Cups

July 22nd 2019: Asteroid Hekate enters Libra, the fall equinox point on the world axis. In the myth of Persephone, Ceres seeks Oracle Hekate to help her find her missing daughter, but instead receives the guidance that empowers her to accept that her child is not her posession and can not be held and kept safe forever. In this way, Hekate does not necessarily give us the answers we seek- regardless of what or how we ask, she shows us the only authentic path forward.

The Six of Cups is a card of consummation. Where the Three of Cups might represent finding one’s first love, the Six of Cups represents finding our life partner: a secure, fulfilling, sustainable emotional experience.


Hekate in Libra as the Six of Cups shows the wholeness that we must embody to safely step from one realm to the next. There are many ways to be split apart from oneself, wether shattered by trauma, or simply disorganized compartmentalization from years of living by other people’s rules and expactations, walking other people’s paths. These splits must be healed- or at the very least acknowledged and addressed- or any attempt to choose a new path in life will only increase the damage and cause more splits.


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