Tarot Clarity – Sekhmet in Virgo – Judgment

September 13th 2019: Sekhmet enters Virgo. She is The Awakener, Destroyer of Rebellions, Lady Of The Place Of The Beginning Of Time. The opposite of Chaos is Cosmos, and Sekhmet in Virgo embodies the divine order of the Cosmos.


Judgment is a card that depicts a scene where an angel is blowing a trumpet over two figures praying in front of a third blue figure who appears to be rising up out of a coffin. This card describes the process by which life goes on after all has been lost- the evolution of consciousness. Alejandro Jodorowsky calls this process “…a force defying death at work in our very lives… it manifests in the form of an imperious call to live in a new dimension.”

Virgo is the sign that rules the mystery of Earth’s seasons, the never ending cycle of birth, blossoming, loss, and death. Sekhmet in Virgo as Judgment reveals her glory as the original Mother/Destroyer, the nurse log, the miracle of new life resurrected from a grave.



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