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May 3rd 2019: Lilith enters Pisces


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Lilith in Pisces – Three of Swords


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Tarot Clarity – Lilith in Pisces – Three of Swords

May 3rd 2019: Lilith enters Pisces, meaning that for the rest of 2019 the Moon orbits farthest away from earth in the sign of the deepest subconscious waters. The lunar apogee resonates with the energy of the feminine outcast. There are a huge variety of interpretations of Lilith that all reveal projections about sexuality in a society that is inhospitable and cruel to wild women.

The Three of Swords represents knowing nothing but being eager to learn, acknowledging and acting on the desire for knowledge. At this stage of the intellectual journey there is no distinction between facts and opinions and all new information is filtered by what feels right.


Lilith in Pisces as the Three of Swords is the choice to follow the white rabbit, down into the programming that informs our reactions of anger and shame about being rejected, ostracized, slandered, and/or attacked. Often “what feels right” to us, points to the ways that we are still bound to those who harmed us. Lilith in Pisces is an opportunity for a dark and difficult psychic transformation around these issues.

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