Tarot Clarity – Mars in Gemini – The Magician

March 30th 2019: Mars enters Gemini, shifting gears from the slow and steady pace of Taurus into a breezier energy, impromptu arousal, pursuit on a whim. Mars in Gemini isn’t attracted to familiarity, it craves the rush of discovering new sources of stimulation.

The Magician is a card about choices. The Magician is the interface between individual consciousness and infinity, and it communicates the idea that every choice we make is literally spellcraft- a choice is an action that manifests a specific reality out of all available possibilities.


Mars in Gemini as the Magician symbolizes detachment from form and outcome, it is not seeking any specific result from its actions, but it is driven by the motivation to cast spells that are fresh, unusual, intriguing, and dramatic.


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