Tarot Clarity – Sekhmet in Pisces – Ace of Swords

Sekhmet in Pisces, the sign that rules subconscious mysteries, collective dreams and illusions, embodying the primal and cosmic spirit that mutes the frontal lobe- also known as intoxication.

The Ace of Swords represents the potential of cognition- not referring to specific thoughts or ideas, but the capacity for knowledge; not referring to awareness of a concept, but to the observer consciousness that is aware of its own awareness.

The word “intoxication” has a negative connotation, based on the word “toxin” which is taken to mean “a harmful substance” where “harmful” refers to the impairment of the functions of the frontal lobe- the so-called executive performance functions of attention and memory.

But there is no such thing as “a harmful substance” only harmful doses. Anything that heals, can also kill, if taken in the wrong amount or wrong application. Sekhmet encompasses this truth: She Who Protects Her Children is also The Mother Of The Dead.

The frontal lobe is crucial for 3D comprehension and analysis: We remember events and patterns from the past, and use those memories to make judgements and predict what will happen in the present moment and future. The brain is so sophisticated, but at the same time, so blind to the ways that our reliance on 3D neural networks, causes us to repeat and perpetuate 3D realities. When the heartspace and all layers of the lightbody are awakened and fully integrated, we can free ourselves from dependence on the frontal lobe, which exponentially increases the power of the heartspace to access realtime intuition. Of course most people are so thoroughly disconnected from their heartspace that when the frontal lobe goes offline it leads to violence and horror. But intoxication is the turning point that soothes the wrath of Sekhmet.

The Ace of Swords beautifully symbolizes the infinite potential of the brain, the magic of neuroplasticity, and the innate flexibility of the mind. Sekhmet in Pisces as The Ace of Swords is about the discipline it takes to control the mind and stay floating, swirling, unbound from rigid grooves. The brain is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.


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