Tarot Clarity – Apophis in Cancer – The Chariot

April 25th 2019: Apophis enters Cancer, the safe borders of our personal space violated by the chaos trickster. In the cardinal water sign he orchestrates emotional disorder, which exaggerates imbalances in the intimacy of family space with frustrations about unmet needs.

The Marseille Chariot is fascinating: it is led by two horses going in opposite directions- one is aware of the conflict, the other is oblivious; the horses have no reins; and the Chariot itself is built into the ground like a house. It is not a vehicle that travels across the earth, the vehicle is connected to the earth and travels through the days and nights as the earth turns.

The horses can represent the heart and the mind, or any two factors that are out of balance with each other in ways that make us feel like we are struggling and not getting anywhere.


The Chariot is a card that can indicate guranteed success. It is also a card that reflects our perceptions of insurmountable obstacles, unyielding inertia, and feeling stuck. The Chariot represents someone who knows they have a place in the world, but has not yet “arrived.”

Apophis can be a cruel god, but in my experience his cruelty is never meaningless. He creates lessons that reveal the fragility of our illusions about order and purpose. In Cancer, he knocks us out of alignment with ourselves in ways that inspire us to try to leave our entire lives behind and start over. But the Chariot stays in one place. The feeling of being stuck comes from the belief that we need to be somewhere else, which is often a disguise for the belief that we need to be someone else.

Apophis in Cancer as the Chariot is about learning how to bloom where you are planted, against all odds. No matter where you go, there you are.


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