Tarot Clarity – Eros in Virgo – The Star

May 5th 2019: Asteroid Eros enters Virgo, the sign of highly organized brainpower and a humbled self in service to others. On the surface it may seem paradoxical to blend sophisticated intellect with mundane tasks, but that is the art and science of the mutable earth sign.

Eros represents our fear of being truly seen, both longing for and running from sacred union. Eros exposes the longing and yearning that arises from the subconscious when we work to hide the parts of ourselves that we need to share to experience the unique ways that other people can love us.

The Star is the card of finding your place in the world: in other words, leveling up your experience of embodiment by dissolving the imaginary boundary between you and everything else, and allowing an equal exchange of sacred light from self to environment and from environment to self.


After Eros transits Leo, where he faces his insecurities, Eros in Virgo as the Star is about making the transformation to maturity, realizing that if he wants to be in true divine union with Psyche, he cannot keep shooting arrows on a whim creating random obsessions and lust for his own amusement. Virgo is where Eros learns to shoot arrows from a place of higher purpose- service- so he can then enter Libra and step into the true power of his gift: an enlightened matchmaker for soulmates.


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