Tarot Clarity – Sun in Leo – Empress

July 22nd 2019: The Sun enters Leo, the sign it is said to rule- the sign of the Lion Heart. It’s highest form of expression is a healthy ego dedicated in service to the upliftment of all consciousness and life. The Leo Sun needs to be noticed. It needs to be loved, praised, comforted, respected, made to feel special. This is not selfishness. These are fundamental human needs like clothing and shelter.

The Empress is the card of authentic expression, natural creation, and, very specifically, feeling confident about something with which we have no previous experience, like a young woman who has just given birth to her first child.


The Sun in Leo as the Empress shows us that the quest to mature, actualize the self, and achieve sovereignty is not about us, not about our individual accomplishments and reputations. Our radiance and greatness is not a unique function of our own egos, but a ray of light that shines through each of us from a divine source.


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