Tarot Clarity – Apophis in Libra – Three of Wands

August 9th 2019: The dark madness of Apophis comes home to Libra, the realm of balance- which is a concept, not a creature- the scales are the only inanimate zodiac symbol. Balance is just an idea of relation to a core or center, it is not an actual thing, it is not a steady state that can be permanently achieved. Balancing requires navigation of chaos: assessing and accounting for infinite variables in a constantly changing environment.

The Three of Wands is a card that refers to a burst of creative energy that springs forth naturally, not from planning, not towards a goal, just fresh new urges. It can often indicate where energy is being wasted, or where the wad is being blown so to speak- because it is difficult for many to learn how to control the power of their creative impulses. But it is simply a symbol of the urgency of nature.


One thing that stands out to me about the Three of Wands is that I see it in three dimensions, it is the X-Y-Z axis of the firmament, with the flowers emerging from the zero point and the leaves curling into space. Apophis in Libra as the Three of Wands shows how the chaos of the creative urge is an essential factor in the stability of existence in this Universe. Life, uh, finds a way.


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